Well, this time we'd rather if you didn't panic. Some people seem to be a little bit confused about playing our game.

Do not fear, help is at hand...

Instructions for line game

Simple. The aim is to move your line from the start to the giant green ball at the end, avoiding obstacles like red balls.

Depending on which you selected, you use either the keyboard or the mouse to move. If you selected keyboard, you use the up down left right arrow keys for movement, and if you selected mouse mode the line moves towards the mouse.

The game is a bit hard, so good luck! Our future games will probably be a bit easier...

Permission to play?!

You do not need permission to play our game.

We would rather people e-mailed us after adding the game to their own websites, which is what the permission email link is for, but honestly we don't really mind if people don't bother.

The game doesn't work!

You need macromedia flash 8 in order to play the game. Download it here.

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