About us

EverybodyPanic is a two man game making team from Norfolk, England.

Luke Thompson takes care of creativity whereas Jack Tench deals with coding.

We try to base our games from original ideas instead of following the hundreds of other breakout clones and uninspiring flash shooters out there.

Drop us a line

You can e-mail us here. We don't mind if you've got suggestions, comments, criticism or just want a chat. We'll try and reply quickly, but no guarantees.

Please be nice :)

Games for your site

If you'd like to put one or more of our games on your website, we'd probably be more than happy for you to do so.

We'd appreciate it if you got permission first, you can email us here


Non-exclusive licenses are also available - see below.


All of our current games are also available for non-exclusive licensing.

Contact us with an offer and whichever terms you wish - such as removal of in-game adverts - at hi@everybodypanic.org.